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How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive That Won’t Boot? Resolve Here

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Published On February 7th, 2024
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Once users lose data from their laptop hard drive, they will start worrying about the direct consequences. That will be your state if users do not know how to recover data from laptop hard drive that won’t boot. The great news is that users do not have to worry anymore. There are tested methods users can employ to recover files from Windows 10 that won’t boot. Make sure users consistently follow all the steps that have been put in place and instantly, users will have their data files back. In fact, it will take no more time to do that.

There are a few solutions that are very effective when it comes to restoring data files. These solutions rapidly address all the system errors and other causes that might have contributed to data loss. However, users are required to follow all the steps in place so that they can have a simpler process. Below are a few of the most effective methods users can use:

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Reasons Your Laptop Won’t Boot

The most common reasons why your laptop won’t start are:

  • Faulty Electrical Connection:   If your computer is old and has experienced constant heating and cooling, it can result in a bad motherboard connection to the memory module or video card.
  • Power Supply Failure:   Your laptop will have a problem booting due to a faulty power cable, battery, or other components.
  • Operating system Failure:  If your operating system fails, you’ll hear weird noises, get error messages, or have trouble booting your computer. This can occur due to corrupted files, malware attacks, etc.
    Faulty Hardware: If you encounter any hardware failure, you won’t be able to boot your laptop. Hardware issues include faulty graphics cards, hard drives, motherboards, and more.
  • Human Error: Another ordinary reason for your laptop’s inability to boot is human error. If you accidentally delete operating system files, your system won’t be able to boot.

Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive that Won’t Boot with Reliable Software

A data recovery tool is one of the most effective and efficient data recovery strategies. Under this thinking, users can use this amazing software named Hard Drive Data Recovery to easily recover formatted data from hard disk. Primarily, this utility falls under the top 3 recovery tools.

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This application can recover deleted CCTV recording in CP plus flawlessly and within a few clicks. However, this facilitates an understandable user interface so a non-technical user can also avail themselves of it without thinking twice. Moreover, you can utilize this software on any Windows machine. It supports all enhanced and below versions of the Windows Operating System. Thus, you can check out and utilize this efficient software by visiting its authoritative website.

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How to Get Files Off a Laptop that Won’t Turn on? Steps

Once you have downloaded the software, you can now kickstart the data recovery process. The procedure allows you to perform the following activities:. Just follow all the below-mentioned steps. All the instructions are listed appropriately. Let’s get started:

Step 1: Download and install the software on a Windows OS computer.

how to get files off a laptop that won't turn on

Step 2: Now, the application will offer you two modes to scan your hard drives. You can choose as per your needs.

recover files from a hard drive that won't boot windows 10

Step 3: After completion of the scanning procedure,. The software will display all the details on the left panel of the application. The tool will automatically highlight the folders that contain data files.

recover files from windows 10 that won't boot

Step 4: At last, users have to click on the save button to save their data.

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Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive That Won’t Boot by Plugging the Drive to Another PC

It is very difficult to manually recover files from Windows 10 that won’t boot. There are very important steps users need to take to make their data recovery to  procedure simpler. Below are a few of the steps that users have to follow strictly:

  • Turn off your laptop, remove the laptop battery and disconnect your laptop from the power source.
  • Open the case of your laptop to reveal its hard drive, which won’t boot. Then disconnect all the cables connected to the hard drive and unscrew them before removing them from the case.
  • Place the laptop’s hard drive inside a peripheral hard drive case before connecting to another PC. And of course, you can put the hard drive into your PC case if you have enough connectors.
  • Reboot the new computer from its OS on the core drive. This will allow you to get access to all the data stored on your laptop’s hard drive.
  • Copy the files. You can now move your data from your laptop’s hard drive to another storage device.

Final Verdict

Restoring data from a laptop hard drive that won’t boot only becomes difficult if users do not employ an automated data recovery method. Users can capitalise on the methods discussed above to recover data from laptop hard drive that won’t boot in a very fine fashion. The methods make your process not only faster but also easier. In fact, you will enjoy doing it.