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How to Recover Deleted CCTV Recording in CP Plus? DIY Solution

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Published On February 9th, 2024
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Overview: With the crime rate growing every day, having an extra pair of eyes on a CCTV camera offers peace of mind. Leaving the impression that someone is watching out for your people or other things behind your back. Demand for CCTV cameras is on an upward swing; they are used in profitable setups and local households. Let us see how these safety cameras are becoming a necessity on business premises and residential properties.

If your CCTV footage is misplaced and deleted because of unlucky causes and it requires restoration, then to recover deleted CCTV recording in CP Plus, users will need a DVR deleted data recovery tool. Though users can also download the free demo edition of the CCTV footage recovery software to view their recovered deleted CCTV recordings before saving,.

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Why are CCTV Cameras Important in Our Daily Lives?

  • Try CP Plus CCTV Camera for Professional Use: CCTV cameras help as a benefit for professional ventures. This also helps to lower the price and risk by protecting their assets with continuous monitoring. These CP plus CCTV cameras have exchanged security guards. Although increasing loyalty and accountability to 100% by providing real-time remote video surveillance.
  • Try a CP Plus CCTV Camera for Personal Use: A majority of homeowners are investing in a CP Plus CCTV camera to keep their homes more safe. The intention is to keep a close watch on the children and their activities. A CCTV camera is a blessing in disguise.
  • To Ensure Safety in Public Places: One of the most important and common uses of CCTV cameras is to monitor public places. The world is becoming more dangerous, and video surveillance helps fight crime

Why CCTV Recording Deleted in CP Plus or Hard Drive?

Like all technology, CCTV cameras are prone to harm, which can lead to data loss. There is a requirement to pay little attention to the causes of CCTV recording loss from hard drives. Here are some major causes that can result in damaged recorded footage:

  1. Unintentional deletion of CCTV footage.
  2. Failed DVR hard drive (logical and physical failure)
  3. Fire damage to the DVR.
  4. Availability of bad sectors in the DVR hard disk drive.
  5. Formatted SD card, corrupted, or damaged CCTV SD card or DVR.
  6. Malware or virus attack on the CCTV hard drive or SD card.

Recover Deleted CCTV Recording in CP Plus via Software

We will take users through the important CCTV recording recovery methods that are actual in recovering the deleted CCTV recording in CP Plus. Follow the below methods to recover deleted CCTV footage. Use the Hard Disk Recovery Wizard to recover corrupted or deleted recording files from hard drive immediately, without any glitches.

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With this software, users can retrieve CCTV footage from DVRs in any language. It also supports all file formats like PST, OST, PDF, PPT, HTML, PPTX, and so on. This application provides formatted hard drive files and folder recovery from exFAT, FAT and NTFS systems. This application will help you recover deleted files from computer on Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7 without any size limitations. It offers a user-friendly interface that enables novice users to simply perform this task without any technical expertise.

Steps to Recover Deleted CCTV Recording in CP Plus

how to delete recording in cp plus

  • Now, preview your data from your hard drive.

cctv footage recovery

  • Finally, you can select selected data to save your files, and you can also save complete data from your hard drive. It depends on your requirements.

recover deleted CCTV footage

You are done! This is the simplest and most successful method to restore deleted CCTV recordings in CP Plus without having technical knowledge.

Highlighted and Beneficial Features of Software

  1. Simply find any attached external hard drive to recover deleted files with the Refresh View option.
  2. Ability to recover lost data from GPT and MBR partitions of a hard drive.
  3. A red mark indicates a restored shift of deleted files and folders from the hard drive.
  4. Program support to restore data from all brand hard drives.
  5. This application is Windows-based application Users can install this tool on any version of Windows.

How to Avoid Losing Security Camera Videos? Tips

Protecting CCTV footage is easy only if you have the necessary resources and protection. It follows a few easy steps.

  • Take a Backup: It’s a good idea to take a backup of all your videos for quick recovery in case something goes wrong with the original content.
  • Check your camera regularly. Always ensure that your camera is kept out of reach or out of sight.
  • Use Passwords: Using passwords and encryption protocols is also important to protect your photos from unwanted viewing.
  • Access Protection:  Enabling two-factor authentication or restricting access using IP addresses on the safe list will also help protect your video streams.

These steps will help ensure that all collected CCTV footage is protected from intruders and will give you peace of mind that it will not be stolen or tampered with.


Hard drives are the best storage devices these days. Any trouble with the hard drive can lead to data file loss or corruption. To fix this problem, you need to recover deleted CCTV recordings in CP Plus. For this reason, we have discussed the best solutions here that allow the user to restore deleted CCTV data from CP Plus. If you want to recover a huge amount of lost data without any limitations, it is recommended to go with the alternate solution that we have mentioned above.

FAQS About Recovering Deleted CCTV Footage

If you’re still having problems, read the questions and answers below for more help.

Q: Is it possible to recover deleted recordings from CCTV cameras?

Yes. You can use software, services and backups to check recording in CP Plus.

Q: Can I recover overwritten images from CCTV cameras?

If you can,. There are several ways to recover overwritten CCTV files; the most effective is to use data recovery software.