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How to Recover Deleted Files From External Hard Drive on Windows 10 – Without Data Loss

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On September 16th, 2021
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The best part of external hard drive is high storage capacity, the latest hard disk supports up to 1TB. It is a portable storage device that can be attached to a computer through FireWire or USB. With the popularity of removable hard disk drive, users are used to storing their data on external hard disk. Whether it is on a business level or personal the drive certainly brings much convenience to our daily life.

But in a data recovery survey, it found that users are searching for a solution to recover deleted files from dynamic disk on Windows 10. Data is important for any user and after hard drive data loss a user only looking for a way to recover deleted files on external hard drive. Therefore, let us learn some major scenarios that can be responsible for hard disk data loss.

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Reason Behind Deleted External Hard Drive Data

Usually, the data loss occurs when your storage goes bad. For personal storage users save their data on a hard drive and once the drive crashed it leads towards data loss. There are some major reasons, which result in losing data from external hard disk.

  • Unwanted Deletion: An unintentional formatting of removable disk can be the reason of your essential data loss.
  • Virus Intrusions: Attack of malicious virus infection or availability of bad sectors in hard drive can make difficulties to access the available sector of hard drive.
  • Power Failure: Sudden power shut down during the copying files from hard drive to internal storage files or other devices with the help of cut paste command can be the reason and restore deleted wav files data is only option to get back the data.
  • Division of Hard Disk: Division of removal drive is one of the reasons for loss of files, to take backup users divide hard disk into multiple sections.
  • HDD Stealing: It is possible to steal a hard disk and which may the result in loss of drive and data. Therefore, it is suggested to take the backup of hard drive on cloud.
  • Other Reasons: Some inaccurate activity such as removing files, while deleting unwanted data accidentally deletion of important files.

Recover Deleted Files From External Hard Drive – Tips & Tricks

Whenever data loss occurs, its better to stop using your computer or other external memory storage devices. Do not execute any function, it will help to restore formatted hard drive data. After selecting the files, when you press “delete” button, the systems just hide data by removing from file directory and it mark the space free for use.

In this situation, to recover deleted CCTV recording in CP plus rebuild the file directory. But if you continue to use the system or device, it may write some new data and permanently erased the old deleted files. In this case, chances of recover deleted files from external hard drive on Windows 10 become decreased. To avoid data loss users may opt the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Use a device where you delete your files as less as possible.
  2. Take backup of hard disk on a safe and secure medium.
  3. Do not open hard drive to identify any kind of fault.
  4. Install an anti-virus program to protect the drive from harmful viruses.
  5. Do not execute any function of storage device which will harm your data.


The article discussed some of the factors affect hard drive which are causes of data loss. Sometimes, users fail to fix the issue and repair the data. Because hard disk may get corrupted and it becomes very sensible. In this situation, only an expert can recover deleted files from external hard drive Windows 10. Therefore, risk should not be taken, instead of performing manual solution one should opt data recovery service to retrieve lost data from hard drive.