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How to Get Data from DVR Hard Drive? Absolute Recovery

Written By Aswin Vijayan
Mack John
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Published On February 7th, 2024
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Summary: This blog targets the user query “how to get data from DVR hard drive.” We will project the assured solution with complete pictorial guidance. Keep reading to recover data from DVR hard disk.

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User Scenario

“I was checking and deleting irrelevant videos and footage from my DVR hard drive. As I was assured that I wouldn’t need these files again, I used Shift + Delete for the deletion. By mistake, I deleted the entire folder of my important professional-related data. I am in a panic state now; I don’t know what to do. Please suggest an assured and safe solution.”

Accidental data deletion is a common human error made by us while in the process of managing the data files. Thanks to technical advancements, these deleted videos and data are easily recoverable using the authentic solution.

Alert: Make sure to not overwrite the drive, as it will make deleted files prone to permanent loss and the recovery process less effective. More and more overwritten data will lessen the chances of recovery.

We understood the situations and what users were looking for. Here is the entire recovery process, executed step-by-step.

How to Get Data from DVR Hard Drive? Using Expert Solution

Hard Disk Recovery Wizard allows you to recover formatted data from hard disk or permanently deleted data from hard drives of unlimited size. Simply recover data from the CCTV hard drive. This application automatically detects free partitions after scanning the disk.

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In many cases, if we have permanently deleted the data, this program can also recover data from laptop hard drive that won’t boot. Users can use the smart search feature of the hard drive recovery software to search for specific files or items in the recovered data. Users should use the date filter option to filter search results by date created or last modified. You can even restore selected folders from disk by clicking the Check/Uncheck button.

Quick Steps to Recover Data from DVR Hard Disk

  • Firstly Download and launch the software on your system. Click on Refresh View if the drive isn’t visible. It will display the newest attached drives on the machine.

how to get data from dvr hard disk

  • Afterwards, select the drive from which you want to recover deleted files from DVR  hard disk. After selection, click on the Scan button to recover DVR hard disk data

how to extract video from dvr hard drive

Note: Click on the formatted scan only if you want to recover formatted data. If your data is lost because of deletion, then go for the Scan option only

  • To view the videos only, check the Video option; it will show all the video data on the drive. You would preview the files and videos on the screen. All the deleted and corrupted data will be shown in red for easy identification.

how to recover deleted files from dvr hard disk

  • Checkbox the files in a selective approach or select the entire root folder from the left panel to recover data from DVR hard disk. Then click on the save button.

how to read data from dvr hard disk

  • Once your export process for recovered files is done, you will see a successful completion pop-up message. You could see the recovered files in the allotted location in the system.

recover data from dvr hard disk

  • Now you know how to get data from DVR hard drive. These simple steps will recover DVR hard disk data in the desired place.

Reminder: It supports recovering data from hard disks. The steps would be the same for the file recovery process. Later, you can open those files in their respective applications.

Advantageous Features of this Utility

Some of the honorable mention features of the DVR hard drive recovery utility.

  • It recover deleted files from External hard drive and corrupted files effortlessly
  • It allows to recover deleted files from DVR hard disk and all types of multimedia files by repairing into healthy resultant files
  • User-friendly and interactive interface with self-explanatory steps
  • Ideal recovery tool for non-tech and novice users
  • Completely safe and secure: The data of users will be processed and stored on the user’s device only.
  • No external sources have permission or could have access to user data
  • Guarantee of no loss of data while recovering and restoring files
  • No restriction or limitation implemented to the size of files
  • Auto-detection of corrupted and deleted files with preview and easy identification.


We constantly need to manage the data for smooth functioning. But sometimes, because of human error, an accidental deletion happens. “How to get data from DVR Hard Drive” is one query in that league. We discussed the complete process of recovery for DVR hard drive deleted data. You could go for the trial version to experience. After being satisfied with the performance of the recovery tool, you can grab the authorized version of it.