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How to Unlock VBA Password in Excel 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016

VBA Password Unlocker

Are you looking for a reliable solution regarding how to unlock VBA password in excel? Also, need to unlock an old VBA password protected .doc file? In this blog, we will discuss a simple way to generate VBA password in excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
If you have lost or forgotten the encrypted password from a Microsoft word document and want to unprotect that file then, this is the right blog to get the solution. Therefore, we are going to discuss a complete manual procedure you need to resolve this error. Before this, consider the following scenario that is taken from the forum site:

“I have forgotten my VBA password of Microsoft Excel File. Although it contains all crucial files of my Office and they were not accessing as well. Even I tried several times to unlock a VBA password protected Excel file when opening it, but I was not able to go through as it is displaying an error message like “VBA Project Password not working”. Please suggest me a suitable approach that will help to break VBA password in Excel 2003, 2007 or all other versions.”

How to Unlock VBA Project Password in Excel With Manual Approach

Go through the following methods that will help to understand how to unlock protected Excel VBA project. Let us have a look:

1. Open new Microsoft word document
2. Now, press Alt + F11 keys
3. Click on Insert and select a Module

4. Then, Enter the following code in the general window > > press F5

5. Now, select the word file to unlock >> click open

6. After a few minutes, a small pop up box will get open. The password from encrypted word file has been recovered successfully!

7. Now, hit on OK button and close the pop-up box
8. The encrypting document will get opened
9. Then, press on File tab >> and select the option of Protecting Document
10. Choose Encrypt with Password option

11. Just clear password from text box and press OK button to unlock VBA project password from the .doc file.

12. Next time you can open the document without any password.

Limitations of Manual Approach

1. Technical Expertise Required: To unlock/crack VBA password, some technical knowledge of using VBA codes is required.
2. Limited Outreach: The manual technique can only open a database but can not set or change an existing password.

Important Note: The manual solution works when the password is within 7 characters only, if it exceeds than 7 char, then try the second solution.

Automated Solution to Unlock Password Protected VBA Code in Excel

As the above manual solution has a limitation for the length of the password, so it is suggested to go for a third party software to unlock VBA password.
We have come across SysTools VBA Password Remover tool to unlock password protected word .doc file. This is one of the best software to unlock VBA password in Excel. It has advanced techniques to unlock VBA project password of any length in an eased manner. Also, the software can reset the password from the source code of any file. Moreover, this utility eliminates the previous password from the file and generates a new VBA password from the document. The software has come up with unique features to unlock a multilingual password from the VBA file document.

Here are mentioned some of the advanced features of VBA password unlocker tool:

1. Remove password from individual VBA word document
2. Supports all types of MS office files i.e. .doc, .xls, .xla, etc.
3. Recover VBA password of any length or any type of VBA file
4. Create a new VBA password after removing the old password
5. Compatible with all Windows versions & Microsoft Office (32/64 bit)

Summing Up

“How to unlock VBA password in excel” is one of the major issues. After considering the above scenario, we have discussed a direct manual way to resolve such type of issue. Beside this, we have suggested a reliable solution i.e., VBA Password Generator that will help to unlock lost or forgotten VBA project password in excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. It is one of the perfect solutions through which users can easily access password protected VBA files in a quick and efficient way.