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Lotus Notes NSF File Not Found Error: Reasons & Solutions


IBM Lotus Notes is one of the most famous email application. It provides outstanding features and high level of security. It does not mean Lotus Notes is free from all type of errors. There are many situations where a user faces some critical situations because of some random causes. One of the most common critical situations is that it arises Lotus Notes file does not exist error message. Whenever Lotus Notes users come across this error, it becomes very difficult to access the data items stored in NSF file. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed all the possible reasons and their solutions to troubleshoot NSF file missing error in Lotus Notes.

Why Does Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error Arise?

There can be several reasons behind this NSF file not found error message. Some of them are discussed here:

  • A user might be working on the unreliable or lost network connection then there may be chances of error generation in Lotus Notes.
  • When a person is trying to open the NSF file, which does not exist any longer. Or, it is saved in some removable device, which is not attached to the system.
  • If anyone tries to access the attachment, file, and folder which is not available in the directory, then it generates the NSF file missing error in Lotus Notes.

Some Troubleshooting Ways to Fix This IBM Notes Error

There are some common ways using which one can easily resolve the Lotus Notes file does not exist error:

  • Check your internet connections and all adapters very carefully. If all are good, then try to open the emails in Lotus Notes.
  • Remove all external storage devices then click on the Lotus Notes email message to fix the NSF file not found issue.
  • You should be aware of the location of the directory where your NSF file is saved. Verify it again to make sure that selected directory location is right.
  • Make sure that some of the key files such as names.nsf, desktop.ndk, cache.ndk, and bookmark.nsf exist in the Data directory. However, if these files are not there, then equivalent files must be present in the Data directory.

Reasons for NSF File Missing Error and Its Solution

# Reason 1: The main reason behind the Lotus Notes file does not exist issue is that archived NSF file is either renamed or deleted from the Notes directory.

1. First, go to the File menu >> Database >> Properties >> Archive Settings option.
2. After that, check whether the archive file is missing or renamed.
3. If it is deleted, then creates a new NSF file.
4. Now, rename it with the same name on the same location.

# Reason 2: Whenever a user switches to a new version by different account, it might display IBM Notes NSF file not found error.


To fix NSF file does not exist error in lotus notes, one is suggested to install the latest version of Lotus Notes application. When the installation is completed, then restart the Lotus Notes. This will prevent this error message to encounter again.

# Reason 3: One may get this error message while accessing email in the local replica on the place of the server. Another possible cause is accidental deletion of temporary files of Lotus Notes.

1. First, open the emails in server copy instead of a local replica.
2. Then, launch the Lotus Notes application again and resolve the issue.
3. After that, configure the anti-virus program excluding DTF files.

A Trouble-Free Solution to Fix the Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error

We noticed that Lotus Notes email client is a complex application. Thus, users want to switch to another safe and simple email client like MS Exchange, Outlook or Office 365. These programs do not encounter NSF file missing error message. So, one needs to convert their NSF data to another format to resolve this error. This can easily be performed with the help of migrator for Notes to Exchange. It easily converts any number of NSF files to PST format in just a few clicks. Moreover, one can easily use this application on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system.


The write up discussed all possible causes and their solutions to resolve Lotus Notes file does not exist error. But as it is very much clear that a commercial solution is very effective to troubleshoot this NSF file not found issue in a very simple way.

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