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How to Merge 2 Different PDF Files into One Document?

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“Recently, I am working on a college major project with my project partner. We both have individual reports containing details regarding the project. But, the issue is we have to submit the project report on an urgent basis. Due to which we want to combine PDF reports. Please suggest to me how to merge 2 different PDF files into one document”.

PDF files are widely used as they are easy to share and manage. One of the most advantageous features of this file format is that they are independent of hardware, software, and operating systems they are viewed on. These files contain unlimited information and can be compressed easily, which makes them easy to exchange. However, a large number of PDF files are difficult to manage. Due to which users demand to merge PDF files into one document. In the following segment, one can learn the benefits to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF and the reliable solutions for the same.

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How to Merge 2 Different PDF Files into One Document Manually?

Users can easily merge 2 different PDF files into one document with the help of Adobe Acrobat Pro. It provides the facility to merge two PDF files. This can be done by using some useful steps:

  • First of all, launch and open Adobe Acrobat Pro application on the local machine
  • Go to the File option and then, click on Create
  • Now, click on ‘Combine Files into Single PDF
  • After this, select the files you want to merge by clicking ‘Add File’ option
  • From the Add Files window, select the PDF files one by one that you want
  • Click OK to start the PDF combining process
  • You can also preview all PDF files in the Adobe Acrobat Pro window
  • Select the PDF files in the order you want to merge and then, hit Combine button
  • Once you click the Combine button, the PDF merging procedure gets started
  • After some time, PDF files will get merged into single PDF file
  • Save PDF by clicking ‘File’ and then ‘Save As’ option
  • Select the destination location to save the resultant PDF file and give name to output PDF file
  • After this, access merged PDF files

Limitations of Manual Solution to Merge Two PDF Files

With the help of the Pro version of Adobe Acrobat users can merge 2 different PDF files into one document, but it has some drawbacks. Some of them are given below:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro installation is mandatory to merge PDF files
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process
  • The manual process can be technical jargon for many non-technical users.

Automated Solution to Merge 2 Different PDF Files into One Document

As we have described that the manual solution requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro. But, it is not suitable for users who are not having Acrobat pro. So, to resolve the issue and for the perfect results, users are advised to use PDF Merger software. It is a multi-featured tool offering several options to the user to make the task simpler. Moreover, it also comes with a user-friendly interface that can easily be understood by novice users as well. Along with this, users can also divide pdf files into small parts.

Working Steps to Merge 2 Different PDF Files into One

In order to merge two PDF files using this software, one needs to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Download and Install PDF Merger Tool

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  • Then, click on Add File or Folder to insert PDF files

Merge 2 Different PDF Files into One

  • After this, click on Merge option

Merge 2 Different PDF Files

  • Choose a Merge Option

Merge PDF

  • Provide the destination location and click the Merge button to start the procedure

Merge PDFs

  • A pop-up box display shows the completion of the merging of PDF files.

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Time to Conclude

In the above blog, we have discussed how to merge 2 different PDF files into one document by the manual & automated approach. Both of these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. But, due to the manual method limitations stated above, it is clear that most of the users prefer to go for the automated approach instead of the manual approach to merge two PDF files.

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