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Know-How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One Offline


Want to integrate multiple PDF files into one? We have provided two methods to merge the PDF docs, choose whichever method is suitable for you. Sometimes users want to share PDFs or keep them as a backup. In that case, the user wants to know how to merge multiple pdf files into one offline.

We will demonstrate step by step merging of PDF files with these two methods.
1. Merge PDF files with Adobe Acrobat (High Priced Method)
2. SysTools Offline PDF Split & Merge Software ( Affordable method)

Precaution – Online PDF merge websites are there which offer free services. Avoid using them unless you want to keep the confidentiality of your documents. Because nothing comes free, you might cost your PDF data privacy for their service.

Reasons for integrating multiple PDF files into one place

1. Save data in One place – Scattered PDF data trouble users while collecting accurate information at the time of need. If PDF files are saved in one place, data becomes more accessible to reach.
2. File Management of Paper Documents – When hard copies are digitized, they become more approachable while obtaining the desired data within a short time. So, convert paper docs into PDF and combine PDFs into one file.
3. Printing in One-shot – When you save all of the important PDFs in one place then while printing you save yourself from opening every PDF file, setting it, printing it. Your plenty of time will be saved with a single act of combining PDFs.

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One Offline

Note – If your trial version expired of Adobe Acrobat then this method cannot be executed. Still, you can integrate the PDF files, just move to the next method to get the job done.

Method 1. Combine PDF files with Adobe Acrobat (High Priced Method)

Step 1. Install and run the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software on the system.

Step 2. Click on the Tools tab.

Step 3. Click on Combine Files >> Add Files. And select the PDF files to merge.

Step 4. Double click on the files to arrange them accordingly. Use the Delete key to remove the unwanted PDF documents.

Step 5. When you are satisfied with the setting, click on Combine Files >> Save button.

These steps will merge the PDF files according to your chosen settings altogether in one place.

Why Adobe is not the First Choice?
Adobe is overwhelmed with numerous functionality which half of which are never used by home-based users. Irrespective of the plethora of features, many times users cannot use the tool to complete the task due to its high pitched price.

Reasons users want Alternative solution to Split & Merge PDF files
#1. Trial version of Acrobat Pro DC is expired.
#2. It’s too expensive for the individual user.
#3. Heavily equipped Adobe overwhelming for only merging PDF files
#4. When the user only requirement is to split the PDFs
#5. Acrobat is majorly designed for business purposes. Not suitable for the home-based user.

Method 2. How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One Offline (without Acrobat) (Affordable method)

Here is the easiest and yet safest alternative of Adobe which completes the task of integrating multiple PDF files within four steps. It is simple, effective and quick solution to merge multiple PDF files into one offline. Along with this, you can also split PDF files with this tool. Learn the steps to combine PDF files offline right here:

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Step 1. Launch the utility and Add PDF files by clicking on the Merge option.

how to merge multiple pdf files into one offline

Step 2. Choose whether you want to merge PDF by page range.


Step 3. Either choose to create New PDF or Merge in the Existing PDF accordingly.

Step 4. Set destination location to save the resultant integrated PDF file. And click on Merge.

Merge PDFs

Mission Accomplished!! You have merge multiple PDF files into one offline successfully. Now you can refer to the specified location and access the PDF docs and use them.

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Advantageous features of PDF merger

1. Perform batch PDF merging efficiently
2. Feature to integrate PDFs by size
3. Also, offer merge by Page Range
4. No size limitation
5. Unlimited combine and split PDF files on Mac also
6. Capable to convert know password protected files too
7. Compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS

If you want to merge PDF files on Mac, then you can download the tool on your Mac machine from here.

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Concluding Words

We understand the requirement of users who manage their PDF file data regularly. We provided complete guidance on how to merge multiple pdf files into one offline for Adobe users and for users who want a safe and secure alternative to Split & Merge PDF files.

Users can also read another post to know how to divide PDF into individual pages.