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How to Recover Deleted Movies from PC? Here’s Solution

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Published On March 8th, 2024
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Deletion of your favorite actor’s and director’s movie collection can ruin your relaxed mood. Especially if you are fond of a genre and have collected rare gems for your compilation. How to recover deleted movies from PC or laptop is the question in the league of user queries where users are desperate to save their valuable movie files.

Hang on… you will get an instant and straightforward solution right here. No matter if the data is deleted normally or using the shift+delete command,. Your data is not truly deleted but only hidden in the traditional file manager. But if that deleted information is overwritten by new activity or information,. This would become a permanent loss of movies.

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Methods to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Movies from Computer

Regardless of the reasons for deletion, the expert advice is to stop overwriting data on the drive from which your movies have been deleted. You can undoubtedly recover deleted files from external hard drive on Windows 10 unless the overwriting has not occurred on the deleted movies from the PC. So avoid anything that might cause this to happen.

Solution 1: Recover Deleted Movies from PC: Check the Recycle Bin

Next, you can explore the recycle bin and search for deleted files there. Check the files and if you find them in that folder, then simply right-click on the recover formatted data from hard disk option after selecting that particular deleted file or folder.

But if you already might have looked into it, but unfortunately you either chose the shift key while deleting the files or emptied the recycle bin, then chances of restoring from the recycle bin have become null by now.

Why are the Deleted Movies from the PC not in the Recycle Bin?

First, let’s see why movies are not in the recycle bin.

  • Delete movies using the Shift key and the delete button. It is also known as permanent deletion, hard deletion or shift deletion.
  • The placement of deleted video files in the recycle bin has been disabled. There is an option to ‘don’t move files to the recycle bin‘ that could be enabled.
  • The movie size is larger than the maximum size of the recycle bin. Any good-quality movies occupy space in GB. Open the properties of the recycle bin, check the maximum size and expand accordingly.
  • Hidden files and folders in the recycle bin are activated. Windows hides some program files and protects them from users for uninterrupted operation.

Solution 2: Recover Deleted Movies from PC or Laptop via Recovery Solution

Hard drive data recovery software can recover photos, videos, music files, documents, data files and other multimedia content from any Windows system hard drive; leaving the original format and information intact. with this utility. you can easily recover deleted Video from computer or desktop.

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It supports recovering lost files from any computer, PC or laptop. You just need to download and install this tool on your Windows PC and then follow a few steps to repair it. These are the steps that will maximize the chances of recovering your movies saved to the system. The software is a top-notch recovery utility that is capable of recover deleted WMV files from computers regardless of the reasons why the files were deleted.

Quick Steps to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Movies from Computer or Laptop

Step 1: Download a free version of the data recovery solution on your Windows machine.

Recover Deleted Movies from PC
Step 2. Choose the drive where you saved the movies and deleted them. Then click on the scan mode option to scan the drive. You will eventually retrieve deleted movies data from PC in the recovery panel.

Recover Deleted Movies data from PC

Step 3. After that, Hard Drive Preview recovered data in the software panel.

Retrieve Deleted or Lost Movies from Computer or Laptop

Step 4. Simply select the Save All Data or Save Deleted Data Options destination folder in the navigation panel.

Retrieve Lost Movies from Laptop

That’s it. Now you have learned about how to recover deleted movies from PC without data loss and their healthy file format.

Highlighted Features of Data Recovery Solution

  • Immediately recover permanently deleted movie files from NTFS, Fat, and exFAT file systems.
  • Recovery is performed for all drive brands, regardless of their size.
  • Recovers damaged, corrupted, lost, or lost video clips from internal and external hard drives and pen drives.
  • Supports all Windows desktop, PC, and laptop systems.
  • Recovery from a formatted partition is possible.
  • Real-time data recovery from IDE, EIDE, and SATA devices.
  • Various file formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, MKV, MPEG, etc. File format to retrieve deleted files from desktop computer.

Concluding Words

Unfortunately, unlike any other files on your computer, movies are also not immune to deletion. A power surge, hard drive corruption, software crashes, accidental or intentional deletions, or damage caused by viruses or other malicious software can occur. How to recover deleted movies from PC laptop is a user query we tried to answer in this blog. Additionally, data backup is never harmful, keep your valuable data up to date.