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How to Save a Contact as a vCard in Outlook – Best Manual Procedure

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Published On August 17th, 2021
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Summary: The segment will be discussing a varied amount of information regarding vCard files and the reason which makes it necessary for users to save a contact as a vCard in Outlook via external means and not manually.

vCard files are designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of users to store their contact information in an electronic format, which can be accessed over a variety of platforms. This kind of ease is acquirable by the users because of a VCF file’s versatility and acceptability over multiple types of platforms, applications, as well as devices. You can even read vCard files in simple text reading formats like Notepad; which is available on all Windows-based platforms.

Being a simple text format standard for serving the purpose of electronic business cards; vCard files are readable even without any imports performed. But that is a brief of vCard files and all about reading them, in case you are encountered with the requirement to save a contact as a vCard in Outlook into its address book then, this segment will help you find out the ways to do the same. Reading more of the segment will also give you in-depth information and structure of a vCard file along with the probable procedures that can be followed to execute and import VCF to PST.

Note: SysTools vCard Importer is the ultimate solution to save contact as vCard in Outlook.

How to Save vCard in Outlook Contacts?

In simple words, vCard files are electronic business cards consisting of a particular contact’s details like; name, designation, address, phone number, email address, etc. A basic vCard files has the following types of properties in it:

  • They all begin as BEGIN:VCARD
  • And end as END:VCARD
  • Each VCF files consists of a property namely; VERSION that denotes the version of vCard it is.
  • VERSION always comes after BEGIN
  • The only exception is; 2.1 edition of vCard files as it permits to mention the respective property anywhere within the file.

NOTE: Properties of a vCard file can otherwise be defined in a respective order.

Detailed Description Of vCard Importer Properties

ADR: This is a representation of the physical delivery location for a respective vCard object.

  • ANNIVERSARY/BDAY: Defines a specific user’s anniversary and birthday respectively.
  • EMAIL: Email address of the user is defined in this section of a vCard file.
  • GEO: This section denotes the geographical location i.e. latitudes and longitudes of the users location.
  • KIND: Here the type of vCard file is defined, i.e. whether is consists of an individual’s details or a bunch of users.
  • LOGO: An image or graphical logo of the organization a respective is associated with is placed in this section.
  • MAILER: This describes the emailing application being used by the user whose vCard file it is.
  • PHOTO: An image of the associated user is given here.
  • VERSION: Version of the respective vCard file is specified here.
  • END: Any vCard ends here under this category of property.

Why Choose External Facilities to Save a Contact as a vCard in Outlook

vCard files consist of a huge amount and variety of data regarding the user it belongs to. Meanwhile, a varied number of such files are created under devices like mobiles, palmtops, etc. as contacts are managed individually for each user.

Hence, when vCard import or export kind of requirement comes up; the inconvenience is faced because for obvious reasons:
Firstly, no one would want to transfer vCards one after the other.
Secondly, users can save a contact as a vCard in Outlook one by one only if manually done.

When manually transferred, vCard files can only be imported one by one into Outlook which is evidently; time consuming and effortful. Therefore, if there is a requirement to execute vCard import procedure to import contacts vCard into Outlook in bulk amount, one must always go for a third party tool for desirable results.

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External vCard Import Applications

There are plenty of programs available in the online market to help users import VCF file. However, selection of the best is what makes the procedure worthwhile. In addition, an available utility for the same is SysTools vCard Importer that has been in the market for quite a long duration now, rendering successful solution to users with technicality yet without complications. The software is completely safe and secure to use. The application offers numerous of functionalities that make easy to save a contact as a vCard in Outlook. The tool is operable on all Windows OS without any issue. No external application is required to execute the procedure.

What is Unique about the Tool?

This application is also known as vCard Importer iPhone or PDA, etc as it is completely capable of converting vCard files from your PDA, iPhone, Smartphone’s, mobiles, Notebooks, etc. into Outlook PST address book.

The wide acceptability of the application offers you with the provision to avail a smooth and convenient conversion of VCF contacts onto selective Outlook profile.

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Summing Up

When applications like vCard Importer did not originate into existence, moving contacts from one formatting file to another was totally techie task. Now with the help of vCard Importer Outlook utility you get the best kind of comfort to save a contact as a vCard in Outlook.

Author Bio: This organization is one of the leading brands in the software group of companies for developing highly advanced yet user oriented applications at affordable prices like the SysTools vCard Importer tool to save a contact as a vCard in Outlook.