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How Critical Is Backing Up Google Account Data in 2024?

Written By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On February 23rd, 2024
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More and more computer users and enterprises are switching their work from on-premises to the off-premises environment. The primary reason for the same is that cloud storage is an easy and simple way to access photos, emails, and other sorts of documents. Another reason behind using cloud technology is its storage space. One such cloud storage facility is provided by Google, named Gmail. In today’s date, it is one of the best storage options considered for home as well as enterprise purposes. But, due to its immense popularity, there are chances of data loss as well. So, in this article, we are going to discuss why Google account backup is required.

Being considered the best cloud storage means, many computer users are having nagging doubts. All these collections of doubts ask for only one question i.e. are the documents safe on the cloud or is there a need to take their backup locally? Therefore, here we came to this post to help Gmail users learn the importance of backing up Google account data on a PC.

Why Google Account Backup is Important?

We live in a world where things are changing in digital form. These digital items saved on the internet are more prone to theft and loss. It becomes easy for hackers and attackers to harm the organization from internet storage. It is so because the files on Gmail are saved in the public network where things can be leaked easily if proper security measures are unfilled. Many enterprises that suffered important data loss end up realizing the need to back up Google account data. This is the reason why many organizations realize that it is crucial to keep a backup and update it timely. When it comes to enterprise growth continuity and disaster recovery planning, the backup of a Google account is considered an effective and cost-efficient approach.

Reasons to Backup Google Account:

  • Protection of Confidential Files: Enterprises store files in Google Drive, which is not saved on the local machine. Keeping no copy of such vital documents and relying only on cloud service providers to safeguard your data is not a good thing. In these kinds of cases, organizations are advised to keep a copy of cloud data so that they have the option even in a loss.
  • Complete Gmail Account Data Security: It is important to have concerns with safety and privacy factors of data that are saved on the cloud. Wide sharing of an organization’s private files should be decreased because if things go in the wrong hands then, nothing can stop disaster from occurring. So, it is advised to the administrator that he/she should share files in Google Drive with trusted people only.
  • Requires 24*7 Internet Connectivity: The Google Gmail account users need to have internet connectivity whenever they want to access their profile. Not only for accessing but, the account needs to log in again and again when they close the browser after working and want to use it again.
  • Make Data Accessible in Offline Mode: When users are done with complete data backup, now they will be able to open and read those emails without an internet connection. This will be possible by opening the backed-up file with its supportive application.

Options that are Available For Google Account Backup

You have a few options for backing up your Google Account, especially the data connected to services like Gmail, Drive, and Photos:

  • Takeaway from Google:
  1. Visit takeout.google.com to access Google Takeout.
  2. Choose the data (such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos) that you wish to have included in the backup.
  3. Select “Next” to personalize the export parameters.
  4. Select the file type and mode of delivery (email, download link, or direct cloud service transfer).
  5. When you select “Create export,” Google will produce an archive backup for you.
  • Gmail for Electronic Mails:
  1. Get into your Gmail account.
  2. By selecting the gear icon, you can access “Settings.”
  3. Select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” from the menu.
  4. If you haven’t already, turn on IMAP.
  5. Utilize an email client (such as Thunderbird or Outlook) to download and save your emails.
    Google Drive for Documents:
  • Google Images: On your mobile device, download the Google Photos application. Navigate to settings and turn on automatic photo and video backups.

Expert Technique to Take Google Account Backup

Since the overall volume of digital data increases rapidly with business growth, it becomes more challenging to protect the data. Onsite backing up of data is becoming outdated in today’s arena because things go very slow in this. Therefore, to experience a quick and easy way to back up their Gmail/Google account, users can use the Gmail Email Backup Tool program to export Gmail to PST, PDF, MSG, EML MBOX, etc. which is highly reliable as well as cost-effective.

Windows 11 & all below versions

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For Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions

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Steps to Backup Google Account Data with the Expert Utility

  • Use the tool to back up data from your Google account and log in with your Google ID and password.
    Download data from Google account
  • Decide which data Category you need to download.
    select the category
  • Select the Email format to download emails in that specific format.
    choose export type
  • Select the desired download destination using the Change option and apply the filter to download only the desired data.
    use filters to Download data from Google account
  • Click the Start button to take Google Account Backup.
    Download data from Google account

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So There You Have It

Because of the tremendous benefits provided by Gmail accounts, enterprises are shifting their work to it. An uncountable amount of benefits are rendered due to which users prefer using Google platform and it increases the need to backup Google account data. Every coin has its two sides and the same thing works here. So, to be safe from damage that is caused on cloud storage, it is highly recommended to computer users that they must have a habit of taking Google account backup regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why it is required to take the backup of Google data? 

Backing up your data eliminates the risk of data stealing and other critical issues. it helps you to access your data anytime.

Q2. What solutions are there to take Google Account Backup?

You can use Google Takeout, access your Gmail account, and download or you can go for the automated solution that we have covered in this post.