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How to Recover Deleted WAV Files – 4 Steps Solution

Written By Aswin Vijayan
Mack John
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Published On February 22nd, 2021
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WAV file is accurate and lossless audio format. Mainly it is used for the recordings accurately without losing audio quality. But what an artist / user supposed to do if he faces WAV file deletion. How to recover deleted WAV files blog is the detailed solution for this WAV files deletion problem.

Things to Consider Before Anything Else

  • Safely remove SD cards/ external hard drive instantly when you get to know about WAV files deletion. For system internal drives, stop using them and do not make any changes.
  • Download Hard drive recovery tool as soon as possible and install on Windows system (Do not download or install from where WAV files has been deleted) to recover deleted files from external hard drive on Windows 10
  • Attach the device and follow the data file recovery steps mentioned in upcoming section.

All About WAV Files

Waveform Audio File Format aka WAV or WAVE file format is a standard audio file format extension. It was developed by IBM and Microsoft to store audio bit stream on the system.

Advantageous Benefits of WAV files

  • Lossless And Accurate Format – WAV files are the format reproduced used for recording accurately without any audio quality loss.
  • Simple Format to For Audio Files – Especially using editor software, the simplicity of WAV file are relatively easier to process and edit than other audio formats.
  • Dynamic Recording Rate – Mainly for home audio interfaces that offer 192kHz, (for studio recordings, mastering, and audio applications), the WAV audio file is the perfect format.

Real Time User Scenario of WAV File Deletion

I have a simple project that has a backing track (WAV) and a track that I recorded using an interface while playing the bass. I record my tracks, say abominations, delete them, record them again, and clean it up. I did it 20 times or more when I look at the project folder (after closing the project) there are no WAV files in the folder. Furthermore, I am constantly searching for how to recover deleted WAV files without data loss?

Queries Related to Recovery of Deleted WAV Files

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  2. Try Best Audio recovery software instantly
  3. Direct method for how to repair deleted Wav file from PC system

How to Recover Deleted WAV Files By Hard Drive Recovery Software

No matter if the WAV files are permanently deleted or corrupted from a USB drive or any removable or system internal storage device, you can recover formatted data from hard disk and restore from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file system. Only a few simple clicks all you need to complete the recovery process.

You can recover deleted WAV files from all brands’ USB drives, internal and external hard disks. Regardless of size, any file size can be recovered via recovery tool to an unlimited number of files.

  • Download and Launch Recovery software and attach the external storage device (If WAV files are deleted from it) and click on Refresh View. download button
  • The detected storage device will be showcased in the platform of software. Click on Scan mode after selecting the particular drive to recover deleted videos from computer. How to recover wav file
  • Afterward the recovery utility will start the scanning process to recover deleted CCTV recording in CP plus .
  • Next all the scanned and recovered files can be seen in the recovery panel. All the deleted WAV files will be displayed in the Red color. How to fix a wav file
  • Now choose the files and select them by checking the box you can export the files. You can also select the root folder and click on the Save button. How to repair wav file
  • In the navigation panel select the destination location to download the WAV files.
  • Wait till the export process completes. Completion of the export process will show the confirmation message, click on the OK button. How to recover wav file

This is how to recover deleted WAV files to the user-chosen place in a few simple steps.

Avoid Loss of WAV Files (Audio Files)

Obviously, the audio recovery tool can fix a wav file of any size. But user must follow these precautionary steps to recover deleted WMV files from computer and avoid such problematic scenario in coming future.

  1. Regularly keep the backup of WAV files on separate storage space other than your primary storage device.
  2. Make the power supply constant while sharing or transferring the files such as WAV files especially in laptops, computers, and personal computers.
  3. Always remove the storage device safely without interrupting the ongoing process.

Concluding Words

Only an artist can understand the quality and worth of WAV files that is the reason when the deletion occurs due to any reason he starts looking for how to recover deleted WAV files.

SysTools hard drive data recovery tool is the one-stop solution for all audio file recovery. Give a shot to the demo version and after previewing the WAV file in the recovery window get the full version to download them.