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Use System Restore to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 8

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On September 16th, 2021
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What is System Restore and does System restore recover deleted files from Windows? In this article, we will try to understand the System Restore application and how to use system restore to recover deleted files by virus. It is basically a system utility that has been provided to the Windows Operating System users since the release of the Windows XP operating system.

This recovery tool creates the backup of the system and is run during the event of any problem. Also, the System Restore is the option that can be run from the recovery drive. The user System Restore deleted movies files from PC Windows OS.

The System Restore application retrieves all the previously removed or deleted data from the local system. In this article, we will discuss how to recover deleted WAV files using the System Restore utility.

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What is System Restore?

The System Restore takes the snapshots of the system state automatically before performing any operation which makes any changes in the operating system. The snapshots taken are generally called Restore Points which include the important operating system files. There are some parts of the registry that can be altered by the pending operation changes.

Users can also create the restore points manually before performing such kinds of operations.

Need to Use System Restore to Recover Deleted Files

Before exploring the solutions to recover deleted files from System Restore, let us first discuss a query having the same issue:

” I am using Windows 7 and a few days back got a notice to upgrade to Windows 10. Then, tried to update it and lost all my files. I checked the Windows.old folder with my user name to retrieve my lost data but, everything is gone. Will System Restore recover deleted files windows 7?”

” One of my employees has deleted all the data accidentally. I want to know that does System Restore recover deleted files windows 8?”

Steps to Use System Restore as a Recovery Tool

There are few ways to know how can System restore, recover deleted pictures from computer. The steps to use System Restore to recover deleted files are as follows:

    • Launch System Restore utility by pressing Windows+Break keys on the keyboard. Select the System Protection option from the left side of the screen.
    • In System Protection tab >> System Protection dialog box configure the System Restore settings & create the restore points manually.


    • For instance, if a user has two hard drives one is primary hard drive and another one is the secondary. By default, the system protection for the secondary hard drive is turned off. The retrieved data is saved to the primary hard drive.


    • Change System Restore setting by clicking on the System Protection tab. Select the Configure button and the check Disable System Restore. But it’s not recommended doing that.


By default, System Restore is now configured to be used between one & three percent of the hard drive space. It totally depends on the size of the hard drive.

    • If a user wants to start from the clean slate then delete all the Restore Points. Then the user will be prompted for confirming the operation.




    • Click on the Create button to create the new Restore Point in the System Protection tab. After that, the user will be prompted to name the restore point.




    • Now click on the Next button and user will see the table showing them the most recent Restore Points.


If the user selects Show More Restore Points check box then it will show all the available old restore points.


    • After the Restore Point is selected it activates the scan for the affected programs. Click on the list of programs or the drivers which added to the system since last restored point.


    • Now click on the Next button and the user will be prompted to confirm the Restore operation. When clicking on the Finish button the user will be encountered with the warning.


    • Click on the Yes button and System Restore utility will prepare the Restore operation and then restart the system.



    • Once the system gets restarted the Restore operation will get started and the screen will show a progress of the current process.


    • The temporary files are removed and then the system will be restarted again. After that Login to the system and System Restore dialog box will show successfully completed operation.


    • Finally, click on the Undo button and it will function same as the retrieve operation.


The above-mentioned methods are described to explain how to use System Restore to recover deleted files.


The system restore is the great inbuilt utility provided in the Windows operating system. It helps in recovering the old and deleted data, so a user use System Restore to retrieve deleted files. But there are many Windows operating system users who do not know about this inbuilt utility which retrieves all the data very easily. We also discussed some few simple steps on how to use system restore to recover deleted files in the Windows 8 operating system. By the help of this, the old and deleted data can be easily recovered using this utility to retrieve the data.