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How to Repair & Recover Unreadable Sandisk USB Drive Data? Complete Guide

Written By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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If you are also trying to solve the problem of an unreadable flash drive, then you are in the right place. Although USB flash drives have many benefits, they can also cause some unnecessary problems. For example, your system may not be able to read the connected USB drive even after several attempts. To solve this problem, you need to find the cause and find a different solution. Continue reading this guide to learn how to repair & recover unreadable Sandisk USB drive data.

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A Flash drive is basically used to store every kind of data in memory, as in hard drive. It is also known as the pen drive or USB drive. It is the most convenient method to store and transfer data, as it is easy to carry anywhere a user wants. A USB drive nowadays has become so popular that it is available in various brands; one such popular brand is the SanDisk Pen drive. As users keep a lot of data inside a pen drive, if it becomes inaccessible or stops working, a user might not be able to open it to access the data.

However, the reason behind this can be corruption in pen drive or it becomes unresponsive. Whenever such a situation occurs, the user starts to panic and is unable to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. But there is no need to worry about how to retrieve data from a corrupted Sandisk USB drive. In this article, a complete guide to how to repair Sandisk USB flash drive, flash drives, and drives without any loss of data is discussed.


Repair & Recover Unreadable Sandisk USB Drive Data—User Query

“I am using a SanDisk USB drive of a total 16 GB in size, which contains all my thesis work. When I recently used it on one of my friends laptops, from then onwards it was not opening. I think it got corrupted due to a virus. Now, I am in big trouble. My whole thesis work is on that USB drive. Hence, I have to recover SanDisk pen drive data anyhow. Please suggest me some solutions; its really important for me.”

Important Tips: Since an unreadable flash drive should not be opened, the only way to recover data is to use a professional Pen drive data recovery tool. If the following methods do not help, try uninstalling the Pen Drive Recovery Software to recover your lost data.

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Ease of use: Anyone can use this tool to recover deleted JPEG files from Pendrive without any problem. This tool can recover all types of files, such as photos, videos, documents, Excel files, HTML, PST, etc. Users can download and install this tool on Windows PC.

Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Data from a Sandisk USB Drive

1: Download the Pen Drive Data Recovery Tool on your Windows.
2: Select the Scan option to recover deleted files from the USB.
3: Preview the recovered files and save the required files.
4: Choose a location and export the file.

Methods to Repair & Recover Unreadable Sandisk USB Drive Data

Now, to recover lost files from corrupted USB drives, the first choice of any user is to use CMD. Without any extra requirement, it recovers SanDisk flash drive without any data loss. Therefore, to repair corrupted Sandisk USB drive using CMD, follow the steps mentioned below:

1# Recover SanDisk USB Drive Backup All Data from Corrupted USB Drive Using CMD

  • First of all, connect your USB drive to your computer or laptop repair and recover unreadable sandisk usb drive
  • Now, click on Start button and in search field, type CMD, then press Enter key and cmd.exe will get opened recover files from unreadable usb drive
  • Now, in the CMD Window, type chkdsk/X/f G: or chkdsk USB drive letter: /f
  • If both commands do not work, then type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.*, where: f: is the drive letter of USB drive in your computer repair sandisk usb flash drive
  • After executing the above commands, wait for a few seconds and then try again to open & recover files from unreadable USB drive, Flash Drive, or pen drive.
  • There will be a folder with no name, Open the folder and it will display all the data that you have stored in your pen drive
  • Now, take backup of your data and format USB drive to recover SanDisk flash drive.

2# Repair & Recover Unreadable Sandisk USB Drive Data Using CMD

Now, after taking a backup of all your important data stored in USB drive, there is a need to retrieve hidden files from pen drive. Therefore, to repair Sandisk USB flash drive using CMD, execute the commands mentioned below to forcefully format the corrupted Sandisk USB drive or pen drive.

  1. Plugin corrupted pen drive into your computer and click on Start button to recover SanDisk pen drive.
  2. In search bar, type CMD and press Enter to open cmd.exe window
  3. Now, type diskpart and hit Enter.
  4. After that, type list disk and hit Enter. It will display all the storage items that are connected to your computer.
  5. Now, carefully type select disk <number> and press Enter. Here, type disk number carefully.
  6. After that, type clean and hit the Enter key.
  7. Now, type create partition primary and press Enter Key.
  8. Now, type select partition 1, the same as the disk number and hit the Enter button.
  9. Finally, type format fs=fat32 and press the Enter key. Now, the format will finish in just a few minutes. In the case of large files, type ntfs instead of fat32 and don’t close the CMD window.recover-usb-flash-pen-drive2

3# Repair Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive without CMD

If the CMD commands do not work, then a user can follow the method mentioned below to recover files from unreadable USB drive with no data loss. To do the same, follow the steps:

1. In order to recover a SanDisk flash drive, insert flash drive into your computer and go to My Computer
2. Select Removable Disk option, right-click on it and select Properties
3. Now, select the Tool tab and click on Rebuild button to recover SanDisk USB drive
4. When the scan process is complete, close the Scan Window
5. After that, right-click on Flash drive icon, click on Eject button and remove the flash drive from the computer.

After performing all these steps to repair SanDisk flash drive, the pen drive is back to normal and one can use it again to store data.

Safety Guards for USB Drive

Here, in this segment, how to protect & recover SanDisk pen drive from getting affected is discussed. A user can follow these points to prevent any virus attack in pen drive.

  1. Convert the USB drive to the NTFS file system to utilize the security permission provided by NTFS
  2. Use your pen drive only with the computer containing anti-virus software on it.
  3. One can set the USB port of the computer to read-only.
  4. Disable pen drive’s autorun.inf to prevent malware infection & recover SanDisk pen drive


The USB drive is the most widely used data transfer device. However, if it becomes unresponsive or inaccessible, then there is a need to recover pen drive data using CMD. Therefore, in this, we have discussed how to restore deleted WhatsApp chat from pen drive step by step and how to repair & recover unreadable Sandisk USB drive data or a pen drive . One can choose any of the methods to recover a SanDisk flash drive according to their preference.